In the field of fast moving consumer goods, Sondos provides soft tissues made of 100% pure wood pulp, in a way to guarantee its softness, strength and resistance to wetness with high absorption specifications. Sondos tissues do not contain any harmful chemical materials, therefore it is totally safe and healthy for usage.

Commonly used in homes and offices, Sondos tissue boxes have become an icon that continuously proves Sondos’s superiority as a premium brand that takes care of the consumers daily life within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,while its identity reflects the strength and softness of world-class tissues available to everyone.

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We offer products in different sizes and sizes of paper and of course different prices in order to satisfy as many customers as possible

Advantages SONDOS

We are keen to offer products with many advantages

Saudi Product

Several types and sizes

Prices are affordable

Satisfies all tastes

Softness and durability of luxury category

Healthy and has no effect of harmful dust

When used, the tissue keeps the skin and prevents the spread of germs in the body.